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Are pregnant ladies more forgetful?

August 24, 2010
They say pregnant ladies are more forgetful. I wonder is that true?
The other day, I actually left an entire laptop in Lau Pa Sat. That’s a famous hawker centre in Singapore.
Hundreds of people throng through it everyday. It’s popular with folks working around that area during lunch time, and popular with tourists who come here to experience the wonderful Singapore food. The chances of me getting back my laptop are one in a zillionth.
Lau Pa Sat

I discovered the fact at 8 am in the morning and I had a 9:30 am meeting at my client’s place. What a way to start a new day!

Frantically, I called my colleague to tell him that I will be late for the meeting, and rushed down to Lau Pa Sat.  When I reached there, I found a cleaner auntie and asked her if she had seen my laptop.

“Laptop? A laptop you say?” the cleaner auntie exclaimed.

Those who have encountered the Singapore cleaner auntie will know what I am in for. The auntie proceeded to lecture me for a good 5 minutes on the importance of being a happy mummy-to-be.

“Miss ah… you are going to a mother soon… You mustn’t think too much. Must be relax and happy. Aiyoh, how can you forget your laptop. Something so important…”

Sigh, I supposed I deserved the earful.

The long and short of it was… I actually got back my laptop! It’s truly a miracle!

One kindly cleaner (bless all the cleaners in Singapore!) found the laptop and deposited it at the management office.
So while there are zillions of people thronging through the place, it just takes one honest person to take the initiative to make the place an honest place.

I am truly lucky! =)

PS. Googled to see if it is true that pregnant ladies are more forgetful. Guess what? This article says “Research has found that a woman’s memory can be impaired for at least a year after giving birth…”!! So next time you forget something, just blame it on the baby! =P

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