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Should I go for Prenatal Class?

August 24, 2010

When the door swung open, I saw at least 20 ladies with huge bumps at their tummies. It was a curious sight. I was used to seeing my preggy self in the mirror, but to see so many ladies in the same state in the same room just tickled my funny bone.

Welcome to my first prenatal class.

I am now attending a prenatal class organised by Thomson Medical Centre. My class is conducted by Senior Parentcraft / Lactation consultant called Mrs Wong Boh Boi who comes highly recommended in the various mummy forums such as

Before Hubby and I signed up for the class, we consulted friends and family whether we should be attending a prenatal class. Some friends were not in favour of it. Some of their comments included:

“Bringing up a baby is something you learn on-the-job. You can’t learn much from classes.”

“In this knowledge era, you can get as much information you need from the internet, books and magazines.”

“When your baby is born, the nurses will teach you everything you need to know. No need to spend such kind of money.”

Of course, there are friends who highly recommend going for prenatal classes. They cited the bonding between husband and wife, the lively learning from classes as compared to books and magazines and other benefits.

Speaking from someone who is still attending her classes (I am going for my 4th class this afternoon), I feel that if you have the time and money, just go for it. It is not the actual knowledge that you gain from the classes that is valuable, but the feeling that you are mentally prepared for your new role as a mummy.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a weird feeling that all these can’t be happening to me (“Who, me, a mother?!”). That’s why I think we were given all of 10 months to mentally prepare ourselves. And this mental preparation goes beyond learning how to bathe or change a baby’s diapers.

Don’t take me wrong. Prenatal classes are all about practical advice and very little about the responsibilities of being a mother. But just being in the class, and listening to someone call you “mama” or “papa” (which is what Mrs Wong calls us when she wants us to do something. Like “Mama, breathe in… breathe out…!”) changes a little something in me.

Of course, it helps to get a very entertaining and interesting teacher. Mrs Wong is definitely that. She cracks jokes about mummies and daddies, and climbs up the table when she needs to demonstrate something to us. Sometimes, I really fear if she will fall off the table!

Mrs Wong Boh Boi demonstrating how to bathe a baby at a paediatric talk

Key Information about Prenatal Classes

Thomson Medical Centre Prenatal Class
Cost of Prenatal Class @ Thomson Medical Centre = $267.50 for a couple [for mummies not delivering at Thomson Medical Centre]
Class duration: 2 hours x 6 classes

Some other Pre-natal classes
(Note: Did not attend these classes so I can’t vouch for them personally.)

Mount Alvernia Tel: 6347 6641
KK Hospital Tel: 6394 1268
Parkway East Hospital (formerly Eastshort Hospital) 6344 7588

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