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Things I love about being Pregnant

September 12, 2010

Cute Babies

Hey, hey, suddenly feel like jotting down all the good things of being preggie. Feel free to add on to my list! =)

  1. Baby kicking inside my tummy (a most wonderful sensation!)
  2. Ultrasound scans (watching my little mite grow month by month)
  3. People giving up seats to you on the subway (most of the time)
  4. Great excuse to eat sweet stuff (“I have the cravings”)
  5. No need to do housework! (The Hubby is in charge)
  6. Great excuse to get Hubby to do things for me (Darling, give me a massage, please?)
  7. Learning about my Pregnancy for the first time and announcing it to the whole world =)
  8. Getting loving attention from family, friends and colleagues (“Do you want me to carry your laptop for you?”)
  9. Keeping a pregnancy journal
  10. Dreaming about my baby
  11. Suddenly having lots to talk about with friends who have babies
  12. Buying cute little baby stuff

So you see, while pregnancy is tough, it is also a sweet and memorable journey especially for first time new mummies!


The Savvy Mummy

I am a first time Singaporean mummy with a passion for blogging. I started the savvy mummy blog to share useful information and tips about being a first time mummy, and some funny and heartwarming anecdotes about my adventures.

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