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Of Dim Sum Dollies and Getting Seats for Pregnant Ladies

September 14, 2010

That’s what I love about Singapore. We get quirky campaigns to correct our social behaviour all the time.

If you have not heard of the Dim Sum Dollies jingle, you must not usually take the train to work. It goes like this ‘Train is coming, train is coming, train is comiiiiiiiing! Please start queuing, and love your ride! Ding Dong!’

Well, it’s childish and silly, but at least it puts a smile on my face (unlike the previous Phua Chu Kang MRT campaign).

Now, if only they come up with a jingle to let pregnant ladies have their seats on the MRT too.

Maybe it can go like this: “Preggie coming, Preggie coming, Preggie comiiiiiing! Please think of your mother, and give up your seat! ding dong!”

What I noticed is that you will get a seat if you are directly in the commuters’ line of sight, such as standing right in front of them. However, if you are standing near the door in a crowded train, which is what usually happens to me, those seated will not notice you.

This is when the preggie jingle will be most useful. Perhaps there will be a button which we can press to activate the jingle. Then everybody will know that there’s a pregnant lady in their midst and have no excuse not to give up their seat! 🙂

Here’s the Dim Sum Dollies MRT song in its full glory. Enjoy!

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