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Baby Log – Tracking New Born Babies’ Activities

September 19, 2010

When a baby is born, there are SO MUCH things that a first-time mummy or daddy will need to learn!

One of the stuff to learn is how to keep track of your new born’s activities, which at one or two weeks old are essentially eating, sleeping and pooping.

The information will come in handy when you go for your doctor’s visits, when they will ask detailed information such as the number of times your baby pooped. Besides, it is good practice to keep track of these activities to be assured that your baby is healthy and thriving.

There are several ways to keep track of your new born’s activities.                         

i)                    Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

itzbeenThe Itzbeen Baby Care Timeris a nifty gadget that helps sleep deprived parents keep their sanity. It has great features such as soft glow nightlight to help find your way to the crib at night, and reminder alarms to give you a buzz when the next feeding time is here. While it seems silly to spend money on a gadget, when you are seriously sleep deprived, any little help is a great help!

ii)                   Track at websites

If you do not wish to spend the money, Baby Loggr provides an online version of a log to keep track of your baby’s activities. The advantage to using this is that the log is more interactive and visually appealing. There’s also an activity clock to tell you how long has it been since the last poop or diaper change.

iii)                Free iPhone Apps

For those lucky enough to have an iPhone, there are tonnes of great apps for mummies and babies.  The Baby Scheduler and My Baby Log (Lite) are two great apps that I found.  

Baby SchedulerThe Baby Scheduler is an easy to use app that provides you with fields to input your baby’s key activities. It even has a page for you to keep track of baby’s poop colour. (The things we mummies and daddies have to do!) 

Baby LiteMy Baby Log (Lite) is a free version of the My Baby Log (Pro). It’s a great app, but the only drawback is that all the information will be gone in 24 hours time as the app designer would like to encourage you to buy the pro version (duh!). Use it to test out the app. If you like it, you can easily just buy the Pro version from iTunes.

iv)                Paid iPhone Apps

babybrainThe Baby Brain looks quite impressive. Apparently, it has been gathering fave reviews in the media (including Forbes), mom blogs and parenting communities. It’s just US$4.99, a cost that is quite affordable as compared to some other baby stuff we parents have to pay for.

v)                  Keep a Manual Log

The most primitive of all methods is to print out log sheets and attach it to a clipboard. Hang the clipboard in an obvious and accessible place together with a pen, perhaps near the crib or changing table. For this, you can try the free printable Newborn Feeding and Diapering Chart over at Lily Pad. It uses the good old excel, so parents who are familiar with excel can modify the sheets according to your needs.


The Savvy Mummy

I am a first time Singaporean mummy with a passion for blogging. I started the savvy mummy blog to share useful information and tips about being a first time mummy, and some funny and heartwarming anecdotes about my adventures.

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