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Yoo Hoo, I am on maternity leave!

October 18, 2010



No more shuffling about my office with slippers as my feet cannot slip into those darn office shoes anymore. No more emails, phone calls and decisions to make. No more crowded MRT trains!

Now it’s entirely a waiting game.

I am now trying to psycho my baby into coming out on 20.10.2010 (which is tomorrow!!), because I love the way the date rhymes. The chances are quite slim, because I do not feel any braxton hicks, or back aches, or anything out of the ordinary. Baby seems quite comfortable inside mummy’s tummy.

My sister in law tells me that if I want to Baby to come, I should start to sing the Birthday Song to her.

So I have been singing the song at least 3 times a day since Saturday. “Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!”

Happy Birthday!

Hee hee, the things I do. But if the Baby really comes tomorrow, maybe all of you should go and buy the 4D. I will tell you all the exact timing of the baby’s birth too, so you can think of all sorts of combination to bet on.

For those non-Singaporeans reading this post, 4D is a lottery or jackpot game that is extremely popular with Singaporeans. During Chinese New Year or days when the lottery prize goes up to a million, the queue to buy the lottery ticket can snake around the entire housing estate. Think of the queue for American Idol auditions and you know what I am talking about.

In Singapore, we queue for all sorts of things. Remember that time when we queued up for Hello Kitty? And recently when we queued for iPhone 4? Oh, and the queue to get into NATAS fair every year??

Speaking of queues, I hope the delivery will be quite fast. I have heard of deliveries that go for as long as 24 hours. Imagine trying to sleep while having contractions. But then, I have also heard of deliveries that are super fast. The moment Mummy got into hospital, her cervix was already sufficiently dilated, and the baby came out in one or two hour’s time.

Hope I can be the latter.

Oh well, que sera sera… I will update you guys about my delivery on this blog some day. And if I don’t post anything on my blog for weeks from tomorrow onwards, you know what has happened!


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