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Kiss, kiss, sayang

October 20, 2010
Cute little one year niece

Yoz, I'm clever, you know! I know how to stick out my tongue!

My one year old niece is at the age where she seems to comprehend most of what we say, but we have no idea in the world what she is babbling about. Recently, we have been teaching her that there is a little baby in my tummy.

Now, that is a really hard concept to grasp! Still, we thought it good to prepare her for the arrival of another little baby in Grandma’s house.

So sometimes, we will touch our tummy, and say “Baby! Baby!” And we got her to sayang or kiss my belly, and tell her that she will become a big sister soon.

We have no idea whether she understands what we are saying at all. So imagine our delight this morning, when she wobbled over clumsily (she’s still practicing her walking), and gave my tummy a big kiss!

“I think she understands that there is baby in there!” I told my mum excitedly.

To tell the truth, I am still not 100% sure. Perhaps she knows, but she will be expecting a cute little cuddly baby like her toy baby. So it will be quite confusing to her when she sees a wrinkly wee little thing who sleeps, cries and poos most of the time.

Oh well, I’m sure she will get over her shock eventually. Then it’s time to introduce her to some good little fun with a baby even smaller than her!

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