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Mummy’s Recipe: Black Pepper Squid

October 22, 2010
Black Pepper Squid

Black Pepper Squid

There are lots of great things about living with parents. I get to eat home-cooked food everyday, and because my sister deposits her baby with my mum every weekday, I get to see my funny little niece almost every day too!

Another good thing is I finally get the chance to learn all the recipes of my mum’s good cooking.  The other day, she made black pepper squid, one of my favourite dishes.

It may look a little bit ugly, but it really tastes wonderful. I salivate whenever I think of this dish. Plus, it’s really easy to make!

– 5 large Squids
– Salt
– Oil
– 2 Onions
– 2 Chilli
– 1 tablespoon of Black Pepper
– 1 tablespoon of Soya Sauce


1. Clean the squid thoroughly. Be careful not to break the squid ink sac.
2. Put salt all over the squid.
3. Sautee oil, black pepper, onion and chilli and stir-fry till the fragrance comes through.
4. Put in the squid and let it stew for a while.
5. Stir fry the squid, deliberately breaking the squid ink sac. The squid ink is a gourmet’s delight and will make the dish sweeter.
6. Add some water and cover the saucepan to let it stew.
7. Add in soya sauce and taste to see if it is salty enough. If not, add salt as appropriate.

*If you are not sure how to clean a squid, see this link.

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