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Born to Read, Read to Bond

October 28, 2010

My sister came back all excited the other day. She had just applied a library card for my niece, and came back with a lot of nice freebies. (Yes, we are Singaporeans through and through, and love our freebies!)

Apparently, the national library board has been running this campaign called Born to Read, Read to Bond since 2007. It’s a programme to encourage parents to inculcate reading habits in their children.

Things in the Goodies Bag

The goodies bag contains:

  • A Baby Journal (Journaled milestones & 25-page information guide)
  • Baby’s First CD (for foetus to enjoy; parents to learn to tell stories, nursery rhymes and lullabies)
  • Baby’s Height Chart (indicate baby’s developmental milestones and appropriate reading)

How Fun!

Baby Niece, Sister and I had a great time exploring the goodies. NLB really put in a lot of effort in this stuff. For example, the Baby’s Height Chart actually indicates the appropriate reading at each age, and some suggestions of books to borrow with their ISBN numbers. Such a nice thought.

There’s also some quirky stuff as well. The Baby Journal has a page for us to document key facts and figures on the day of the Baby’s arrival. It suggested for us to record things such as the name of the Prime Minister at that time, the cost of a packet of chicken rice, the current box-office movie.

Haha, I personally thought that it’s a great albeit funny suggestion. Just imagine us 40 years down the road, sitting on a rocking chair and re-reading the Baby’s Journal. “Oh, so a packet of chicken rice cost $3 at that time. I haven’t eaten chicken rice for such a long time….”

A library card for my unborn child?

The best thing I have heard about this deal? Apparently, you can get the goodies bag even before Baby is born.
Yup, I got mine already. I thought that the lady at the counter will think I am super-kiasu for applying for a library card before my baby is born. Apparently, they just give you the goodies bag after you fill up a form. No library card for Baby.

Actually, I’m a little disappointed. Imagine Baby having a library card before she is born! Then I can tell all of you about it on my blog. Hahaha…

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  1. October 28, 2010 11:31 am

    I didn’t know about the Baby Journal! What a thoughtful gift to include in the pack for mums with newborns. I got library cards for both my boys since they were little and we have been putting them to good use ever since. I lug back 18 books (3 cards) every 3 weeks. :>

    • October 28, 2010 1:32 pm

      Ya, good that they increased the borrowing level from 4 books to 6 books. But even with 6 books each, the books get run out really fast. =)

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