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Snapfish: For those Cute Baby Photo Moments

December 4, 2010

Photos. You will literally be taking hundreds of them when your baby is born.

Recently, I found a great website for turning photos into works of art. It’s called Snapfish. You can use the best of your baby’s photos and use them to make customized calendars, mugs, cards and even photobooks.

What I love about Snapfish

1) It’s Easy to Use

During my confinement period, I did not have the time to go out of my house. In fact, I didn’t have much time at all, what with the breastfeeding, expressing milk, and shut-eyes while the baby sleeps. But I wanted to make a customized item as a gift to my Hubby for his birthday, which happened to fall during my confinement period. So I turned to Snapfish. Within a few clicks of a button, I had made a customized Magic Mug for him. (That’s a Mug with a photo that will only appear when you pour hot water into it.)

2) Cheap Digital Prints

The other thing I love about Snapfish is its cheap digital prints. It cost only S$0.19 a piece to print photos, as compared to the average S$0.35 a piece at neighbourhood print shops. The best thing is, Snapfish will give you 20 free prints when you first upload your photos onto their website.

3) Use Snapfish on your Mobile Phone

And did I mention that you can use Snapfish on your mobile phone? You can:

  • Upload photos from your camera phone to your Snapfish account (if your phone browser supports it)
  • View and share photos and albums from your Snapfish account
  • Turn your Snapfish photos into wallpaper for your phone
  • Get unlimited free photo storage

With Christmas round the corner, if you are cracking your brain on what to give to your partner, Snapfish is a great resource for you!

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  1. December 8, 2010 12:12 am

    yes, i like snapfish too. I’ve been using them since my 1st kid was born. The quality of their prints have improved much too. Look out for their 15cents/pc promo! I always accumulate my photos for their promo 🙂

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