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Beware of Over-stimulated Baby

December 20, 2010

Ok, so we have been going out a lot with Baby R. But ’tis the season to be jolly. With the Christmas mood in the air, how can we not go out and celebrate? And when we go out for family gatherings, friends and family will want to hold and play with the Baby (‘cos she’s so darn cute! Mama’s interpretation, of course…)

But from what I have learnt so far, the baby gets over-stimulated from all these outings. Then, there will be hell to pay when we get back home and try to put her to sleep.

So what to do? There’s more holidays coming up in the weeks ahead.

As usual, when I have a question, I turn to google for the answer! (I swear that with a baby in the house, I’m becoming an expert google by the day.) Some useful tips I’ve picked up so far:

  • Be sensitive to baby’s cues. If she starts to yawn, or tries to look away, she has had too much. Try taking her to a quiet place for awhile to give her time to regroup.
  • Stick to your routine as far as possible. If she’s used to napping at a particular time, let her nap instead of letting her play.
  • Baby Sling. Try using a baby sling. If baby has had too much, turn her head inwards so that she is shielded from all the attention.
  • Do not play with baby when she gets back home. This is my personal experience. Sometimes when we get back home, she will be all happy and sunny ‘cos she just had a little nap on the journey back. So we start to play with her. But all of a sudden, she goes into a terrible meltdown. So actually the little nap is really not enough for her. If she is wide awake, just let her have some quiet time to play by herself.

It’s tough. Sometimes we just have to balance family gatherings with the baby’s needs. So it may be best to deal with the baby when we get back home and comfort her as best as we can when she get’s over-stimulated.

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