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Hello 2011

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I love new years. There’s something about a brand new start that always make you feel refreshed, as if everything that you have done in the past year has been wiped clean and you can begin your life all over again.

Not that the past year has not been good. In fact, it has SUPER great! Let me count some of my blessings: I gave birth to a cute little daughter, and embarked on a crazy learning journey. I started this blog, and made a lot of friends in the process (thank you Paik Ling, Jus and so many others who keep coming back to make comments on my blog). I moved back to my parents’ house, and got to enjoy my Mum’s fabulous cooking everyday.

So what’s a new year without resolutions?

Besides wishing that my baby will be happy and healthy (that doesn’t count as a resolution, ‘cos it’s the wish of every mummy), I hope that I can bring this blog to greater heights. My dream is that this blog will become a premier resource for everything that makes mums’ life easier. That includes savvy parenting tips, great reads for parents and honest reviews of mummy and baby products. And while we are on this topic of product reviews, I have included a Disclosure page on my blog to clarify where this blog stands with regards to sponsorship of products for reviews.

To all those reading this post, here’s wishing you A GREAT NEW YEAR! May you and your family have all the good blessings for the months ahead!

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