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Welcome to The Savvy Mummy!

I am a Singaporean first-time mummy enjoying one of life’s greatest experience. I just gave birth to a cute little princess, Baby R, on 30 October 2010.

Why did you start this blog?

This site started out as a mum blog to share information and tips on parenting, as well as little anecdotes of my life as a first-time mummy. As my baby grows up rapidly, this site is also evolving little by little as well.

My aspiration is for this site to grow to become a valuable resource to Singaporean mummies or mummies based in Singapore. Being a Singaporean mummy based in Singapore, this is an area where I can best contribute my knowledge and experience.

That said, parenthood is universal. We all face the same trials and tribulations as a parent, so a lot of the information found here is useful to any parent. In addition, since I will be writing little anecdotes about me and my family, I will be indirectly writing about the Singapore life, which is full of its own little quirks. You may find it fascinating to read about the life of a mummy at another side of the world. Sort of like having a pen pal, don’t you think?

What do I get from this site?

  • Great Finds

Humans are curious creatures. When we find something really great, we wish to shout it out to the whole wide world. I love to surf the net, and sometimes hit on great websites or other finds. This is a platform where I share this information out.

  • Product Reviews

I am a believer in investing in good products wisely for the baby. However, nowadays, there are really too many “must-buys” baby stuff in the market. It’s easy to make a wrong turn as you navigate your way down the baby super high-way. One of the goals of this site is to share information on good mother / baby products and services so that mummies can make informed decisions on things to buy. Some of the products I review do contain affiliate links, but only if I really think that the products are something that I would like to recommend to others.

  • Singapore Mum Blog Directory

After starting this blog, I have hit upon so many other creative Singapore mum bloggers in the blogosphere. I have thus decided to do my little bit of effort to help Singaporean mum bloggers connect with each other by starting a Singapore Mum Blog Directory. It’s great to read fellow mum blogs to learn (or compare?) what other mummies are facing, or just to feel good ‘cos all mum blogs make your hearts feel a little warmer.

  • Singapore Mumpreneurs

The Savvy Mummy is also a supporter of mum shops.  I love to see Mums run their own business. My thinking is, if we can shop from a fellow Mum and still meet our own needs, why not? If you run an online business for mums and their babes, list your shop here to drive traffic to your site. If you would like me to review your product, do drop me a mail.

  • Anecdotes of a First-time Mummy

How can I resist? My baby gives me little surprises every day, so how can I not document it down for remembrance’s sake?


The Savvy Mummy

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